Go Outside

no worries

I’m sorry, I’ll just leave you alone now

Bon Iver

—Brackett, WI


Bon Iver || Brackett, WI

and every summer is a hot token
to the cold, cold take of lust.
and every autumn singes
with the business of sadness.

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quality over quantity: a rule for relationships and waves

I just do what the people want.

—Connor Burek (via maybe-were-lost)

I did in fact say that

you never really stop trying,
no matter how hurt you are or
how broken your heart is
if you want something, you never stop trying

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College Rant

I’ve been in college for a month now and I think I’ve gotten a good feel for how things are. I’m torn between two options of how I want to approach school. Here are my ideas:

Idea 1: College is a huge scam. The only reason that I’m there is because society tells me that I should be. Apparently the only way I’ll be “happy” and “successful” is if I get a degree and get a job that makes a lot of money, or so I’m told. I don’t buy into that crap. That kind of happiness and success pretty much means having a ton of money, which isn’t really a huge priority in my life. 

Is college really that necessary anymore? Back in the days when my parents were young, having a degree pretty much guaranteed a solid job. My mom told me that when she graduated from USC, several companies in her field offered her a good job just because she went to USC. Today, things are different. A study done by The Washington Post shows that only 27 percent of have a job related to their major. 

But apparently, a college degree is the gateway to “happiness”. 

To get to a college degree, I have to take a bunch of classes that I don’t want to take and I don’t care about. For example, I’m in a math class right now. I can honestly say that I really hate being in that class. I don’t really pay attention or care much. Learning math problems isn’t going to be necessary in what I want to do with my life. Plus, I’ve taken more than 10 years of math in the earlier grades. I think it is a waste of money to pay for classes that I don’t want to be in and probably won’t retain any information from. But I have to take these lame classes just to get the degree. 

I think that this defeats the point of learning. Students just try to get through classes without learning so that they can get closer to a degree.

So my idea is this: I enjoy learning. I really do. For example, I really love my music 1 class. I’ve learned a ton and it’s only been a few weeks. I also like english, history, and art. These are things that I want to learn about. So what if I just take the classes that I actually want to learn from? Math and Science just really aren’t my thing and they don’t really interest me for the most part, so why waste my time taking those classes?

Right now, I want to pursue either music or ministry in the future. So does it really make sense for me to be in math and science? Other classes would be much more beneficial. I realize that later in college, I’ll be taking a lot more major-specific classes, but I don’t understand why I can’t just be taking those classes now and skip all of these unnecessary classes. 

I know that trade schools exist, but I don’t think society sees them as a very legitimate. Degrees from a well known university are seen as much more “valuable” than whatever you can get from a trade school.

So why waste my time? Why not take classes that I want to take, learn what I want to learn, and work hard?

Idea 2: I’m sure having a degree would be nice. It definitely wouldn’t hurt. I could just stick it out and get through the classes that I hate. I’ve taken plenty of classes that I hate in the past and gotten through, so I could just do that.

Having a college degree would be a huge accomplishment.

Society tells me to get a degree. Statistics show that people with college degrees make a good amount of money over there lives more than people without one. Like I said, money isn’t a huge priority, but it’s a nice thing to have. 

People with college degrees just tend to be respected more than people without one. 

This one isn’t as long because I’m not as passionate about it, but it’s still a very legitimate argument. 

Basically, everything around me says to go to college and get a degree. I’m not sure if that’s the right path for me. I’ve always done things differently than my parents. It’s very ordinary where I live to get a degree. Maybe it’s time that we all do something out of the ordinary.